Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man 21

Remember Stunner? It's OK, most people don't. She was Doc Ock's girlfriend in the 90's. She was this fat chick who would get in this device that would create an energy construct avatar called Stunner. Back when Doc Ock was being brought back from the dead by the Hand, they used her avatar as the sacrifice. It worked but rather than kill her it just put her in a coma. Well when Ock died this last time with Peter in his body it woke her up, and now she's out to avenge her old boyfriend. Also last issue one of Ock-Spidey's teachers, Dr. Don Lamaze, accused him of stealing his thesis from Doc Ock.

Well this issue Stunner and Ock Spidey fight and Ock-Spidey uses his spider-bots to find out where Stunner's actual physical body is and then gets himself into one of those devises to create a Dr. Octopus avatar for himself which he uses to convince Stunner that he's secretly alive and to stop trying to avenge him and Dr. Lamaze that Peter actually helped him come up with the subject of the thesis, which Lamaze agrees to keep secret. Also Carlie Cooper visits the grave of Doc Ock, knowing it was really Peter and finds the body is missing, she is then kidnapped by the Goblin King who finds her journal about who Ock-Spidey really is.

Pretty good issue. I was impressed to see Ock-Spidey actually think up a peaceful way to handle Lamaze, I was convinced he might actually resort to violence, maybe taking him out in secret. Also I'm really curious to know what happened to Ock's body. While I do think Ock-Spidey is in danger of wearing out his welcome and this saga needs to start wrapping up, it is still a thoroughly enjoyable book and is easily some of the best Spider-man stuff since that One More Day abortion.

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  1. I'm a late-comer to the Superior story-line. I'm really digging it.

    I was pleased at Ock-Spidey finding a peaceful solution, entertained at his muttering super-villain tropes to himself as his default reaction, and VERY surprised to see him willing to throw Ock's reputation under the bus so thoroughly.