Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #22

If you haven't already you should check out my review of last issue. This issue we mostly see Ock-Spdey as Peter starting up Parker Industries and giving an opening speech to his employees that sounds delightfully Bond villain-ish. Also we see Venom AKA Flash is in town and is after the Crime Master, who turns out to be just some guy who bought the franchise off of the Hobgoblin. Ock-Spidey busts in on that and starts attacking Venom. Flash realizes that Spidey doesn't know he's a hero and reveals who he is but Ock-Spidey doesn't seem to care.

This was a pretty solid issue, not much really happened but it's clearly a set up for a larger story arch. I'm curious as to what exactly "Darkest Hours" means. Maybe Ock-Spidey's charade will finally unravel, but they've fooled me before on that. Also I loved the "old person moment" Aunt May had as she was touring Peter's business and saw his midget girlfriend (or little person, or whatever) and commented on how wonderful Peter's "commitment to diversity" is. Also a minor complaint, while I like Ock-Spidey's costume, I hate the boots. It looks like he's wearing slippers. All and all though a solid read.

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