Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition

A while ago I looked at the first Jurassic Park game for the Genesis. It's a great movie tie in game to a great movie and easily one of the best games in the Genesis library. Well, hold on to your butts, because they naturally made a sequel, even before the movie got a sequel.

Despite absolutely loving the first game I never played this game as a kid because I didn't know it existed. I mean, I saw it a few times at the Toys R Us, but just figured it was a re-release with maybe a little bit of extra content. I mean if you call it "Edition" what am I suppose to think. This game is both very similar and very different from the first game. Like the first game you can play as either Grant or a Raptor, and it has pretty similar game play mechanics from the first, but that's about where the similarities end. The first one remained somewhat faithful to the story of the movie, but this one goes in a completely different direction. Also while the first one was mostly about figuring out how to get places safely, avoiding pitfalls and whatnot, this is pretty much just balls to the wall combat. In Grant mode you fight dinosaurs AND humans, and gone are the PETA friendly pussy non lethal weapons from the first one, in this you kill damn near everyone and everything you see. Raptor mode is pretty similar too except the Raptor can do a spinning double jump, and again, it's balls to the wall combat. In fact in Raptor mode it's best to run past as many enemies as you can rather than fight.

The graphics are similar to the first game, using pretty much the same sprites, but things are a lot brighter and more colorful. Also the sprites have a weird extra thick black line about them. This game was pretty obviously forced out the door so I guess odd stuff like that is understandable. Also Grant can ride some dinos now. So there's that.
 This game was...well it was kind of better and worse than the first game at the same time. The first game was dark and creepy, and in Grant mode had shades of survival horror, before that was even really a thing, this one is just mindless action, truly just a rampage. But it succeeds in that beautifully and is a lot of fun. So I would say it's definitely worth checking out.

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