Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

A week ago I took a quick look at the first Sonic game, so let's take a look at the sequel. Sonic 2 is in many ways the perfect sequel, it took everything about the first game and multiplied it. For example I thought the best level was Spring Yard Zone, and Sonic 2 took at and added a little ring gambling to make Casino Nigh Zone. This of course added Sonic's buddy Tails, which the computer controls, but if you have a second controller he can be controlled and is pretty much immortal. Also the checkpoint ring posts lead you too the bonus stages where you can get Chaos Emeralds. If you're good at the special stages you can get all of them which allows you to turn into Super Sonic, another thing introduced in this game. Unfortunately unlike Sonic 3 you turn into Super Sonic the first time you jump after getting 50 rings which means you can't really save up before you turn. You can also play as just Tails but he can't fly when you're controlling him so he's kinda worthless as a main player. Also if you have Sonic and Knuckles, which you should because it's one half of the greatest Sonic game ever, you can play as Knuckles in this game. His gliding can allow you to skip over a lot of some of the levels, and his climbing comes in really handy in levels like Chemical Plant Zone and Mystic Cave Zone.

This was a solid improvement over the first game, introducing new moves, new features, and a new sidekick while keeping what made the first game so fun and distinctive. And much like the first game it still holds up amazingly well today, and if you have a Genesis, there's no reason not to have this game.

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