Thursday, November 7, 2013

The left wing "Moral Majority" marches on.

It seems the left wing version of the "Moral Majority" is at it again. I first heard about this nonsense on the radio this morning. It seems Sweden is going to start rating movies based on "sexism" using a bullshit metric called the Bechdel Test. What is the Bechdel Test you ask? Well, it's a test named after this shitty cartoonist of indeterminate gender.
Seriously, is that a man or a woman? I'd put money on the fact that you wouldn't know if you didn't look it up. It's like an amalgam of Rachel Maddow and character actor Alan Ruck. Well this sad specimen is a woman, or so it claims, and she came up with a test to see if a piece of fiction is sexist.

Do two named female characters have a conversation about something other than a man.

Now if that sounds stupid, simplistic and asinine to you it's only because it is. Let's put aside for a moment that this is a system that gives films like Lord of the Rings an F and gives an A to films like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Let's put aside that women tend to be more personal than men and thus will talk about other people more than men. Let's put aside whether or not there should even be this insane feverish crusade against "sexism" in the first place. The fact remains that this is a stupid fucking metric. Here's an example: Say I make a movie about a woman who gets shipwrecked on a deserted island. Damn near the whole movie is her fighting for survival in this harsh wilderness. She talks to no one but herself. And in this theoretical movie we see this woman survive using nothing but her will, strength, and wit. And at the end she sees a boat going by the island and swims with all her strength and the final scene is her being brought onto the boat. Bechdel says that movie is sexist. And you leftoids actually take this test seriously?

I tell you, the intellectual bankruptcy of the modern feminist movement is amazing. 

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  1. Intellectual bankruptcy? What about moral bankruptcy?