Friday, December 6, 2013

An open letter to Leif Erikson.

Some of you are probably asking who the hell is Leif Erikson. Well, Leif is the soon to be ex-husband of mommy blogger Jenny Erikson. Jenny has long blogged about marriage and family as the token Churchianity girl amongst the Mommy bloggers, constantly talking up the importance of marriage and that divorce should only be reserved for cases of abuse and adultery.  Until, that is, she got bored with her husband of over a decade and "changed her mind" regarding the importance of marriage. Poor Leif actually got a heads up from their pastor about Jenny's plans to ambush him with a divorce, a fact which greatly displeased her. For more on this unfolding and amusing saga check out Dalrock. So with that out of the way:


You don't know me, but I know you. I know a lot about you actually. Frankly, I know too much about you. And why is that? Well, it's because your soon to be ex wife is making a public spectacle of her destruction of your family. I know that you were sniffing around this girl, stuck in the friend zone, for a long time before you finally got the green light. I know that you were a good little hubby who helped out with chores and gave foot rubs and tolerated your wife's borderline alcoholism. And I know that despite all that, she still tossed you aside.

Pretty harsh.

And how do you respond? You try to keep the high road, this is the mother of your daughters after all. So you "remain friends", you retweet tweets from her, you take this raping with a smile. Hell, she even accuses you on her twitter of being guilty of sins so great she dare not speak of them aloud without causing harm to your daughters. And you just let this slander roll off your back. What sin could that be? Well, a careful reading of her twitter feed suggests maybe it was a pornography habit. If that's true Leif you really should cut it out, but of course I'm betting it only started because she cut you off. But even if that's true, and it's doubtful it is as in an earlier blog post she said "nothing happened" you two just grew apart, it's still not Biblical grounds for divorce. Or even really remotely reasonable grounds.

But you know all this, no need to rehash it further. Leif, I'll tell you what you did wrong. You were beta. Or to put it in a more Biblical term, you were never the leader that you needed to be with her. Leif, I was like you. I went through two major relationships both of which blew up in my face and it wasn't until I discovered red pill philosophy that the ups and downs of those relationships made sense in hindsight. So here's what I want you to do, first brace yourself for the absolute raping the California family court is going to do to you. Second, fight for full custody of your daughters. You won't get it, but those girls need to see you fight for them. And third, get some game man. Read some manosphere Leif. I know you won't agree with all of it, there is a lot of over simplification and over generalizations on these sites I know. But it's still good information man. Read up on some Chateau Heartiste, especially the articles on body language. And definitely read some Dalrock to get some solid Christian manoshpere goodness. And this great video by my man Aurini on good little Republican conservatism vs red pill virtue. Leif, you're a smart guy and a decent looking guy, no homo. So get you some game and I guarantee you'll end up with a girl a decade younger and 20 pounds thinner than Jenny. And Jenny will slowly crawl into a wine bottle after a few years of being pumped and dumped. And your daughters will see you the winner and they will know what their mother did is not the way to go. I know, some of what you see and read on these sites might rub you the wrong way, but tell me, was the way you were doing things really working out for you? As my favorite preacher Steve Brown would say "You think about that, Amen."

-Your brother in Christ
-The Bechtloff


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