Saturday, December 21, 2013

Girl geek culture, you need to put your big girl pants on already.

Some of you girls are just outright ruining geek culture. Not all of you. Not even most of you, so don't take this as me throwing a "No Girls Allowed" sign outside my clubhouse or any other typical Sarkeesian style accusation. No, I love girl nerds. And on behalf of all of us guy nerds, we're happy to have you on board. But a small but very loud and annoying minority of you need to knock off your shit and the rest of you girl nerds need to police your own because they're making you look bad.

For instance, I'm sure a lot of you already know about Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to Mega Man pitched by Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune that was funded through Kickstarter. Well, an interesting little controversy has erupted. It seems that one of the staff on that project, a lady by the name of Dina Abou Karam, who by her own admission got the job through nepotism and isn't even a Mega Man fan, has made some fans and Kickstarter backers uneasy with her Tumblr style feminist politics and praising of that scumbag Sarkeesian. Now it is questionable as to how much influence she might have, she is only a community manager after all, but still, that's the bridge between the fans and the creators so it is a concern. And Mighty No. 9 fans rightly voiced their concern over this pointing out some of her tweets about not playing Mega Man before and being a social justice retard. Her response was to lock her Twitter and only unlock it once she had deleted some of those more troubling tweets. All this is pretty well documented in a video by Internet Aristocrat. So a social justice warrior who doesn't even like Mega Man gets a job through nepotism on a project meant to be the long awaited spiritual successor to Mega Man and when the fans very rightly are displeased by this, what does The Mary Sue, the self proclaimed guide to girl geek culture do? They point to this as part of a pattern of "harassment". Because pointing out very very legitimate concerns about a person involved in a project you helped financially back is harassment. What was the rest of the "pattern"? Apparently some armature game designer named Zoe Quinn created a game called Depression Quest. It's a text based game about having depression, you know, in case Gone Home was too much of an actual game for you. She was being "harassed" because some people thought that was a stupid idea for a game and weren't afraid to tell her.

Oh I'm sure some people called these ladies names. Boo fucking hoo. That's the internet. But girl geek culture really needs to excise the word "harassment" from its vocabulary. Because all it does is make you look like a whiny little twat crying "victim". You'll get the white knighters defending you sure, but more and more you'll just lose face with the rest of us. We're all nerds after all, we've ALL faced bullies at one point or another, so we really don't want to hear it. And it's just online, they're just words on a screen. Woman up and deal with it. If you pitch an idea for a video game, some people are going to say it sucks, especially if it's as fucking stupid as Depression Quest. If you end up working on a project like Mighty No 9 when you clearly have no business on it, and might infect it with your Sarkeesian style views, some people are going to call you on it. Legitimate criticisms are not harassment. And the fact that you have to face a few trolls here and there, like EVERYBODY does, is not an excuse to ignore criticism.

So ladies, I'm happy to have you in geek culture. But I need you to put your big girl pants on because this incessant whining has got to stop.


  1. When I watched that video by Internet Aristocrat, I felt heartwarming feelings when I saw Inafune propose his project. Then I heard how the feminist nepotism got into it. Then I got depressed.



    1. Hmmm I'm a little disappointed that he would further perpetuate this myth that Anita is some sort of victim. Anita faces trolls like anyone else, and she has used them masterfully as a means to dismiss all criticism. Sadly Joe is helping her do this.

      But he did at least call her out on her lies.