Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Retro Review: What If Vol 2 #66

So this little What If branches off during Rogue's first appearance when she was fighting the Avengers as part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. In this universe Rogue holds on to Thor long enough to completely drain all his power and life force thus killing him. This apparently allows her to carry Thor's hammer, despite supposedly not being worthy. During the initial battle with the Avengers she also ends up destroying the Vision, and later in her confused state destroys her fellow Brotherhood members. We cut to Odin outraged over the death of his son and we find out he cannot remove the power from Thor's hammer Mjolnir, speculating that it's due to her power. Loki decides to take advantage of Rogue's confused state and uses her to attack Asgard. Eventually Thor's spirit, or memories, or whatever in Rogue's head tells her she needs to be the hero he knows she can be and that even Mjolnir knew she was worthy. She turns on Loki saving the day, Odin weeps saying he lost a son but gained a daughter, and Rogue is basically the new Thor.
This issue was pretty good, but the resolution was far too rushed. It just felt like Odin in particular was far too quick to accept Rogue-Thor once she went good. And if left far too many questions, yeah she went good, but how long does it take her to gain the confidence of her fellow heroes? I mean she had quite the body count in this story. This was a common problem with the second volume of What If, since they were regular sized issues and not double sized like volume one, they tended to have a lot of lose ends at the end and the story wrap up too quickly. It's a shame this was never followed up on, they should have made her a member of Exiles or something. Still all and all it's an amusing read and definitely worth checking out.

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