Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of the Week: Sonic Universe #59

Just like last week, we got comics on Tuesday this week. Unfortunately not a lot of comics. I had actually given up on Sonic Universe and was only reading the main Sonic title, but there wasn't much this week and it was part 1 of a story arch featuring Team Dark, and I'm a sucker for Team Dark.

So the story here is that a Black Comet is heading for Earth carrying on it Black Doom aliens from the Shadow the Hedgehog game. The comic actually makes an editorial reference to this having happened in that game despite the fact that the games and the Archie comic universe are two very different continuities. Team Dark and some GUN agents take a space ship to go on board and destroy the aliens, and Shadow encounters this guy.
That sorta looks half Black Doom alien and half echidna like Knuckles. Anyways this issue was pretty weak. I wanted to like it, I like Shadow, and I like Team Dark, and I even like the Black Doom aliens. Hell, I'm one of the few people that kinda liked the Shadow the Hedgehog game. It wasn't great, but few modern Sonic games really are in my opinion. This book had some solid character moments with Team Dark, but the story felt a little sloppy and I don't referencing the game rather than past issues was a stupid and confusing editorial choice, especially since you're referencing a rather unpopular game. I give it two Chaos Controls out of five, and that's really only because I like Team Dark.

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