Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man 23

So last issue Ock-Spidey and the new Venom end up butting heads with Ock Spidey pretty much looking to kill Venom. We the fight doesn't really go anywhere this issue, with Venom getting away. After that Ock-Spidey and his midget girlfriend Anna end have dinner with May and her husband Jay Jameson right after May received the treatment Ock-Spidey came up with to allow her to walk without pain. Before dinner Flash (AKA Venom) drops in to say hi to Peter and he stays for dinner. Peter asks Flash if he'd like to volunteer for his new artificial limb experiment and Flash agrees. Ock-Spidey shows up the the experiment as Spidey claiming he's a consultant of Peter and uses a sonic device to remove the symbiote, which backfires when the released symbiote takes control of Ock-Spidey.
 Hmmm so the Superior Venom now? Well, if the symbiote does end up back with Flash then won't he know all about Ock-Spidey's deal? Though to be fair, Marvel has been a little blurry on whether or not symbiotes retain knowledge from the hosts after the whole Spider-Carnage thing. Still I hope this doesn't spell the end of Flash-Venom, I really rather liked him. All and all this is still an entertaining series, although the Ock-Spidey sage is starting to wear out its welcome a bit with me.

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