Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #24.

So last issue Ock-Spidey tricked Flash into letting him remove the Venom symbiote from him and then it jumped onto Ock-Spidey making him the Superior Venom. Ock-Spidey takes control over the symbiote, or at least seems to, and decides to bust up some crime to show the world he's in control of it. Meanwhile back at the lab Flash says he's been using a drug to keep the symbiote under control and without it it will overtake Spidey, and the doctor there informs him that he's become dependant on the symbiote and without it he will die in a few hours. During his rounds Ock-Spidey gets a call from his midget girlfriend Anna still upset over how bad things went when she met Aunt May. Peter decides to confront Aunt May about how she acted around Anna and while there MJ shows up to confront Peter over how he's been acting. Ock-Spidey has to split and he reveals to MJ that he has the symbiote, which she of course freaks out over. Meanwhile Green Goblin is impersonating Hobgoblin to steal Hobgoblin's cut off of his underlines. Not because he wants the money, just to screw with Hobgoblin. Our issue ends with MJ calling the Avengers to inform them Spider-man has been taken over by the Venom symbiote.

This was an interesting issue. The Goblin king subplot with Green Goblin is progressing nicely, and there were a lot of subtle character moments here and there. MJ's reaction to the symbiote reveal was great, you could tell she was instantly reliving a lot of horror right there. Also when the symbiote is first on Ock-Spidey it comments that the old host "tastes bad" now. The fight with the Avengers next issue should be pretty interesting, but I was a little disappointed with the last Avengers clash in this series back in issue 8. All and all this has been a great series and this Venom stuff is one of it's better story lines.

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