Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Forever Evil #4 and Justice League #26

Comics on Tuesday? It's a Christmas miracle. If you haven't already, check out my reviews of issues 1, 2, and 3. This issue starts out with Batman and Catwoman in the Batcave getting some weapons Batman has to take out the Justice League should they ever go bad, among them a Sinestro Corps ring. We also see that Grid of the Syndicate is spying on them through a still activated surveillance camera. Then we cut to Luthor using electricity to try and revive Black Adam as Captain Cold is building a new Cold Gun using some of Luthor's tech. Superwoman reveals to Ultraman that Owlman is planning to betray him and that she's pregnant with Ultraman's child. Before she had told Owlman it was his baby so just who's is it? Does she even know? Does she even care? Luthor's gang of villains eventually run into Batman and Catwoman as both are gathering supplies to take on the Syndicate. The two groups are about to fight when Power Ring and a few villains working with him burst in. Batman uses the Sinestro Corps ring against him but Power Ring manages to remove it from him. Just then Sinestro shows up to challenge Power Ring.

I'm really liking this series so far. There were a few decent character moments between Batman and Catwoman, even if it does kinda show how much of their history has been lost due to the reboot, and even Luthor and Bizarro had a nice little bonding moment. All and all I think that, so far at least this is the first worthwhile story to come out of the New 52 that couldn't have been told in the old pre-Flashpoint universe.

If you haven't already, check out my reviews for issues 24 and 25.  This issue starts with Grid's inner monologue, apparently he was present in Cyborg from the moment he first became a Cyborg and had been growing in him since. Grid can't feel emotions but desperately wants to. So he is reviewing files on Syndicate members hoping something in it entices a feeling out of him. So he watched the origin of Power Ring, which is much like Green Lantern's origin except that Hal was a spineless coward who was chosen by the Volthoom entity that lives in his ring that was once worn by Abin Sur. We also see the origins of Johnny Quick and Atomica, apparently they were lovers and serial killers and were cornered by cops at S.T.A.R. Labs when lighting stuck the lab creating explosions that gave them their powers. Grid tries to access the file on Superwoman but finds it blank.

I really liked seeing the origins of the various Syndicate members, as a long time fan of the Syndicate I wish their origins had been done in greater detail before. This is a really enjoyable tie in to a very enjoyable event. Also I love how Superwoman is clearly playing everyone. Obviously she deleted her own file. I wonder what she has up her proverbial sleeve.

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