Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Justice League #25 and Mega Man #32

Last issue of Justice League we did an interesting character study of Ultraman. This issue, despite the misleading cover, we take a look at Owlman. We see that in the Crime Syndicate universe young Thomas Wayne Jr. actually killed his parents as a boy along with the help of Alfred as he feared they were squandering the fortune. Young Bruce was suppose to go along with that but betrayed Thomas at the last minute and eneded up killed along with their parents. We then flash forward to now and Owlman is on the main DC Earth consolidating the mob families under his leadership by killing all but one of their leaders and then making it clear to him who is really in charge. Then he later has a talk with the captured Nightwing. He tries to tell him to work with him just as Dick Grayson did in his world. Nightwing initially refuses but Owlman tells him he wants to destroy the rest of the Syndicate and tells Nightwing that at this point it's either going to be him ruling the world or Ultraman and our issue ends with Nightwing reluctantly agreeing.

This issue was a little better than the last one, as Owlman apparently has a much more nuanced character than Ultraman's blind social Darwinism. I thought it was interesting how Alfred said he Owlman was constantly trying to replace the dysfunctional family he murdered. Also keeping with the theme of family we see a cameo of Superwoman, who as we found out in Forever Evil #2 is carrying Owlman's baby, listening in on Owlman and Nightwing's conversation, seemingly in approval. As I said last issue these Forever Evil issues are some of the best New 52 books I've read yet, not that that's saying much though.
So last issue Dr. Wily brought out his secret weapon against Ra Moon, a robot he built based on Ra Moon's tech, Ra Thor. And then Ra Moon promptly took control of it. This issue we see the huge battle with the Robot Masters not under Ra Moon's control battling the ones that are and Mega Man battling Ra Thor. Mega Man throws every thing he's got at Ra Thor, including the several Robot Masters weapons he has copied and finally takes him out only to have Ra Moon send out a Devil robot combined with Ra Moon tech, Ra Devil. Dr Wily tells Mega Man that controlling all these Robot Masters along with powering Ra Devil has left him slightly vulnerable so Mega Man converts both him arms into cannons, which is really more than his power core can handle, looks at Dr. Wily and tells him to please take his remains to his father Dr. Light, and lets Ra Moon have it full blast taking him out. After a few panels of seeing the reconstruction efforts worldwide from the damage Ra Moon caused, Dr. Light gets a few visitors.
 I complained that this storyline drug a little in the middle parts, and it really did, but the ending was very satisfying. We got to see Mega Man throw everything on the line to do what needs done, and even earn a great deal of respect from his enemy Wily. This will be interesting to see just how this will effect their battles in future issues. As I've said before this is the best all ages comic out there, and if you're not reading you really should give it a shot.

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