Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014, a year of building.

A while ago I was accused of being part of the manoshere. I had never really thought of myself or this blog in that way but decided it was a label I was rather happy with. Since then I explored the manosphere a bit more deeply and have even gotten to know some of the people in it a bit. One of the things I love about these guys is they challenge you to evolve and better yourself. One of the themes bouncing around the manoshpere this New Year's season is that this is a year to really step things up, as Aurini calls it 'the year we start building'. I consider that a challenge worth taking. So this year I intend to focus on self improvement, both physical and spiritual, as well as ditch a few bad habits that had been holding me back. And along those lines some major changes will be coming to this blog, chief among them I'm looking to start doing podcasts and even videos.

So thanks to everyone who enjoys this blog, and I hope to bring you even better stuff in the upcoming year.

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  1. I've just discovered your blog today, and I'm enjoying it.

    Glad to have you in the 'sphere, indeed.