Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Entitlement in a Theater. By Emily Colson.

I really didn't feel like writing anything tonight. Between the cold snap sucking the life out of me and a long day at work I'm just exhausted. Plus I just got the new Lego Marvel game for the 360 and Jack Donovan's book The Way of Men and I'd like to get further along in both. But then I read this article: Darkness in a Theater by Emily Colson. I wasn't more than halfway through it when I knew, Lego fun time would just have to wait, for the Bechtloff is needed.

For those of you who don't know, Emily Colson is the daughter of the late Chuck Colson, who was a major figure in Evangelical culture for several decades. Emily also has an autistic son Max. Given the fact that Evangelical culture seems to outright glorify mental disabilities, as I've discussed before, her son is almost as big of a reason for her elevated status among Churchianity circles as her father. So Emily wrote the above mentioned article, which is spreading like wild fire all over Churchianty corners of the web. In it she described how she took her son to a movie, he threw a fit, people got mad, calling her and her son names, and she finally left the theater.

Alright, now let's assume that Ms. Colson's account of this isn't horribly exaggerated, and of that I seriously have my doubts, but let's assume that people told her to shut her son up and called him retarded, then let me say that is an absolutely overblown and unnecessarily harsh reaction. BUT she had no business bringing him to this theater in the first place. She even says in the article this was a fancy expensive theater. So people paid money, damn good money, to watch and hear this movie in peace. Why should they be expected to "just deal with it" when her son has a meltdown. I know it's not her son's fault, but it is her fault for bringing him there. And by the way, this also goes for the selfish assholes who bring babies into a theater. These people should not have called Ms. Colson names, but they should have gotten the manager and he should have refunded her ticket and asked her to leave.

Of course that's not what all the Evangelicals passing this article around think. No, they can't even consider for one second that Ms. Colson was being selfish for ruining the movie going experience of others. I pointed out in my last post that Churchianity and it's leaders seem awful similar to leftists, this would seem to be another way, an absolute sense of entitlement. Did the movie going experience of all of those other people matter to Emily? Nope, all that mattered in the world to her was her and her son, and she should be allowed to take him where ever she damn well pleases. And if he throws a fit and ruins other people's evenings? Well, fuck them.

Those people might have been overly harsh, but they were also kinda right.

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  1. There always are some idiots who would rather cover the world in leather than put on a pair of shoes, so to speak.