Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm disappointed in you Angry Joe.

For the longest time I wondered why Angry Joe never seemed to address the Anita Sarkeesian controversy. I mean Joe is all about "fighting the power" and "standing up for gamers", so surely he would have some strong words for a lying con artist who came into the gaming community, pretending to be one of them when she's not, and lecturing them all on what evil patriarchs they are right? Right?!

Sadly no. Joe just released a video on the top 10 controversies in gaming in 2013 and number three was "Anita Sarkeesian & the gross sexist response". Really Joe? Not "Anita Sarkeesian and her lies"? Not "Anita Sarkeesian pisses on gamers and gaming"?

Look, obviously some of the trolling Anita got crossed a line, things like threats against her and what not, but trolls are a part of the Internet, for better or worse.  But for Joe, the supposed champion of the gaming community to further perpetuate the myth that Anita is some sort of victim here is just...well, disappointing is the best way to describe it. I'm a fan of Joe and I expect better. To his credit Joe did point out a couple of the lies Anita was caught in and he did say she should apologize for them, but it was clear that the vast majority of his anger was reserved for the trolls and not this moralizing lying leftist getting up on a social justice high horse to lecture gamers. Anita has used her trolls as an excuse to ignore all criticism and Joe has helped her continue to do that.

So Joe, if you happen to have read this, I love you and your show, but you took the wrong side here and you really failed to stand up for the very gaming community you claim to champion.

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