Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's talk about #thatwoman.

An interesting little hashtag is popping up on twitter today, #thatwoman. See, the premise is that women are afraid to speak up when they're being harassed, because they don't want to be seen as "that woman", meaning the whiny feminist twat who screams harassment at everything, basically Adria Richards.

I'm actually very amused by this little hashtag. For far too long in the world of business, and in recent years in geekdom, too many guys have been victims of misandric witch hunts by feminists and social justice retards over things an innocuous as telling a dick joke to a buddy within ear shot of one of these leftoids. This hashtag may be evidence that these soulless feminists thought police are finally being treated like the poison, like the vile festering cancer that they are.

Now, all that being said let me also say that I have no doubt there are real cases of harassment in which women don't want to speak up for fear of being branded "that woman", but don't blame us men with our evil penises of doom for that, blame your feminist sisters who kept crying wolf every time someone at a tech con told a dick joke. See this is why ultimately women and minorites suffer most from the windmill tilting of social justice crusaders, nobody wants to hire someone when they think that person is a walking lawsuit. Nobody wants to be around someone who takes a rape whistle to work, nobody wants to worry about getting fired because the hag from HR overheard you tell a joke to your coworker in the breakroom. So don't blame us for the "that woman" stigma, blame the likes of Adria for crying wolf over and over again.

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