Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review of the Week: Avengers World #1

I'm getting bored with Hickman's Avengers stuff a lot faster than I thought I would. But I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I? I should start with a plot synopsis right? Well Captain America and Bruce Banner are on the SHIELD Helicarrier to talk with Maria Hill about having the Avengers and SHIELD have a better working relationship with each other. She talks about various crisis situations in the world and Cap shows he already has Avengers on the scene. The only memorable one of those to me were the riots in the island of Madripoor situation where we find out the island is actually the back of Godzilla Gorgon the dragon.
I admit that's kinda cool. But all and all this issue left me cold. It wasn't just that it was decompressed and nothing happened, it's more that Hickman is trying to make every single moment in his Avengers issues the most epic thing ever and it just comes across as bloated to me. If Marvel is going to have so many Avengers books, they should give each to different writers. It just doesn't seem wise to give a single writer almost total control over Marvel's single biggest franchise. Oh well, at least they didn't put Jim Lee in charge of everything like they did at DC.

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