Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review of the Week: Justice League #27

This issue starts out with Johnny Quick and Atomica killing a couple of members of the Doom Patrol. The rest of the issue is Cyborg begging his father to rebuild him, with his father reluctant. Then his father finally does, and Cyborg seeks out Dr. Magnus, the creator of the Metal Men for help against the Crime Syndicate. If that sounds like basically nothing happened in this issue, it's only because nothing happened in this issue.

I actually really liked the Forever Evil tie in issues in Justice League #24, 25, and 26. I had some issues with them, mostly I think the way the Crime Syndicate's world was laid out seemed a little idiotic, and a long way from the much better thought out way the Pre-New 52 Crime Syndicate's world was laid out by writers like Kurt Busiek. But this issue just left me completely cold. I guess part of the problem with this issue is that any heavy focus on Cyborg only ends up showing how much he really doesn't belong in the Justice League, certainly not as a founding member, but also this issue was just unforgivably boring. I would say just skip it.

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