Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-man #25 and Mega Man #33

So last issue ended with Ock-Spidey under the influence of the Venom symbiote and the Avengers about to confront him over it. This issue we have a lot going on. In short Ock-Spidey battle the Avengers to a standstill, but they finally manage to get the symbiote off of him and back onto Flash. Meanwhile poor Carlie Cooper has been mutated by the Goblin formula and has joined, or more likely is pretending to have joined the Goblin King. During Ock-Spidey's battle with the Avengers the people of New York begin to turn on Spidey, trashing his spider-bots, and the Hobgoblin and the Goblin King openly declare war on each other. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, we see Peter is indeed still alive in the back of Ock-Spidey's head and indeed was a big help in getting the symbiote off of him. Once the symbiote is off Ock-Spidey tells the Avengers that he was under the influence of the symbiote for months, making up some bullshit about having bits of the symbiote in him from a previous encounter with Venom before he got the full thing in issue 23. The Avengers don't really believe this and later find evidence that Ock-Spidey had tampered with their security cameras and vow to bring him in. Ock-Spidey uses the symbiote excuse to explain his odd behavior to MJ, and she totally buys it, mostly because she wants to.

Things are really coming to a head here. This issue was great and I'm glad to see Peter back. I have enjoyed this Ock-Spidey saga and look forward to seeing how it all wraps up in the next few issues.

Alright so this issue Mega Man travels to a parallel universe and battles crappy box art Mega Man. Nah, that's just the alternate cover, but it would be a fun story, hint hint Archie. Last issue Mega Man was fatally damaged battling Ra Moon and Dr. Wily brought him to Dr. Light offering to help fix him. This issue Dr. Wily and Dr. Light work to get Mega Man back up and running, during parts of it he's actually able to hear them working on him. We see a handful of solid character moments throughout before finally once the repairs are done the two Federal Agents Gil Stern and Roslyn Krantz show up to arrest Wily. Dr. Light had called them right away but they agreed to wait until the repairs were done. Wily protests saying he was under Ra Moon's control and that he helped save Mega Man and Mega Man confirms the part about Ra Moon and says he will testify on Wily's behalf. Our issue ends with it seeming like Dr. Wily is going to try and convince everyone that all of his criminal activity was Ra Moon's fault. Meanwhile back at Ra Moon's South American temple Break Man and some of Wily's other Robot Masters are seen chasing Shadow Man for unknown reasons.

This was a damn good issue full of some downright touching character moments. I can't wait to see where this goes with Wily possibly getting back in every one's good graces, only to inevitably betray them again down the line. This series continues to be the best all ages family comic book out there and one of the best comics out there period. If you're not reading this you should be.

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