Friday, February 14, 2014

By pedestaling women, Churchianity treats them like children.

I was home from work today due to this winter's latest snowpocalypse and got a chance to listen to Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk on the radio for the first time in a while. For those of you who don't know, James Dobson is like the Churchianity version of Oprah. He usually spouts out lifestyle and family advice with a Churchianity bent and when he's not busy doing that he's promoting Rick Santorum style social conservative politics. Well today on his show he had the husband and wife author/speaker duo Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth to discus a book about the first year of marriage. The two shared a story about how early on in their marriage Robert was working as a youth pastor and had lead two troubled drug addled teens to Christ that night. This resulted in him getting home late, around 11 or so, and Bobbi came unhinged on him. When he told her what he was doing her response was simple.

"I don't care."

Apparently to this nominally Christian woman, the fact that her husband had turned around the lives of two troubled teens and, oh yeah, lead two eternal souls to salvation in Christ paled in comparison to the sin of her husband breaking some sort of arbitrary curfew she had imposed. While everyone agreed that Bobbi should have expressed her concern to her husband more politely, everyone also seemed to agree that the real crime was that Robert wasn't prostrating himself at the alter of this woman's feeeeelings. Dobson shared a similar story of himself coming home late early in his marriage. When he got home he saw a police helicopter was over his neighborhood shinning a search light apparently looking for someone. When he got in the house the first thing he asked his wife was about the helicopter and if everything was OK. This was apparently also very very wrong of the good doctor. I guess the possible mortal danger his family and neighbors were in wasn't as important as apologizing for being late or asking how his wife's day was or some such crap.

Now I believe that a man's first allegiance aside from God is to his wife. So obviously one shouldn't always put work ahead of their marriage. But hey, sometimes work needs to be done doesn't it? All I could think as I listened to this show, aside from the fact that Bobbi came off as a raging cunt and I wondered how she could be considered charming and likable enough to be a professional speaker, was that in both of these stories the women in question were acting like absolute spoiled children. And the rather toxic advice to the men listening to this drivel was to enable the women in their lives who were doing the same.

Churchianity, which is little more than a religious version of third wave feminism, has turned women essentially into spoiled children, devoid of all responsibility. It's the Fireproof-ing of everything. Everything is the man's fault, even when it clearly isn't.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty firm believer in innate sexual dimorphism in our species. Men and women are different, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Women are more emotional than men, I don't dispute that. But women are still capable of being adults. At least I assume so. Ladies, is Churchianity and third wave feminism right and you really are just spoiled fucking children who must forever be coddled? Am I giving you gals too much credit here? Well, if I am then do me a favor, if you aren't capable of being adults then kindly relinquish your gender's voting franchise and don't be surprised when the man in your life decides you need a good spanking now and then.

Or act like reasonable adults. One or the other please.

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  1. Women are great, women are hot and dang it women are a drug. But men and women have free will and no-one has the right to be unreasonable. No theories just reality. Theories about women's roles, needs, sensuality etc are just part of the no but yes, argue but love, screw but fight mentality of the mating ritual and as such need to be treated with caution. Logical relationships and decent treatment toward each first and then we can get on with objectifying each other and playing. In conclusion an unreasonable person male or female needs to be told so, and in dealings with the wider world it isn't wise to bring shared perceptions that fuel sexual desire and reproduction to the table as part of how we determine roles in society, or what is acceptable behaviour.

    The woman in the article sounds genuinely unpleasant.