Sunday, February 2, 2014

I was wrong about the Bronies (sorta)

A while back on this blog, I talked about the strange phenomenon of Bronies. Recently however I watched a video by Jordan Owen defending the Bronies that actually got me to give the issue a second thought. I then watched a couple of episodes of the show and I have to admit, it's not bad. It's witty, funny and charming. And Pinkie Pie never ceased to make me laugh with her manic energy. I wouldn't call myself a fan of the show, and I doubt I'll be watching it much more in the future, but I can completely see why people, yes even grown men, would enjoy this show. Plus I've heard a lot of people argue the show is full of red pill and even reactionary themes, though I haven't watched enough of it to be able to say that first hand. So never let it be said that the Bechtloff can't admit when he's wrong. I was wrong about the Bronies.


I used to watch Powerpuff Girls and Kim Possible back when they were on and they're both kinda "girly" shows. Both of them were brilliant cartoons, but by the same token I never dressed up as Kim Possible or jerked off to the Powerpuff Girls. The Bronies, at least some of them bring it on themselves. I mean it's pretty hard not to laugh at someone like this isn't it?
I suppose all fandoms have their more embarrassing members, but somehow the Bronies just seem to be far more devoid of shame and self awareness than others. Then you get the social justice homos who claim that this "redefinition" of masculinity is somehow a good thing. As if further feminizing of men is what out culture needs. So I guess I find myself on the fence, I agree some of these guys deserve the scorn they get, but some of these guys just like a show, and really don't deserve all the hatred.

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