Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review of the Week: Forever Evil #5

Our issue begins with Deathstroke and the hand full of villains sent by the Crime Syndicate confronting Luthor and his gang of villains as well as Batman and Catwoman. We have a nice little fight between Power Ring and Sinestro in which Sinestro kills Power Ring and the ring flies off to seek a new host. Luthor, Batman, and the rest manage to fight off the villains and even talk Deathstroke into joining them. And Batman must reluctantly agree that Luthor in in charge of this show, not him. Finally we see that whatever destroyed the Crime Syndicate's world has followed them.

This was a solid issue, and has been a decently entertaining event all around, but it really is indicative of the problems with the New 52 as a whole. This event has no theme, no moral center. I mean what is this really about? It's kinda all over the place. Even the portrayals of the Syndicate are incredibly shallow compared to how writers like Kurt Busiek portrayed them. I'm enjoying this all around, but as with most of the better parts of the New 52, I can't help but feel it would have been better in the pre-Flashpoint DCU.


  1. Greetings.
    Found out about your blog through Aurini's podcast.
    Refreshing to see someone talking comics who's not somebody who perceives everything through the lens of liberal ideology.
    I hope there's relevance in commenting on older posts, as i read them(?).
    Don't start getting soft and saying good things about the "New 52" now... If you do, in the words of the great contemporary philosopher Liam Neeson, "I will find you and i will kill you!"... Specially that WW book! God Damn, that must be the dumbest thing i've ever tried to read. I didn't know it was possible to so completely miss the point of a character that much!
    Tangents aside, i'll keep an eye on this blog in the future.

  2. Don't worry, I have very very few positive things to say about the coat hanger abortion that is the New 52.

    1. I apologize, i don't mean to start a discussion here, but i think this needs to be said as often as possible:

      The main reason the New 52 is so bad, is not just that it was all around unnecessary(which it was), if anything, they could well have released a new alternate universe, much like Marvel did with it's Ultimate line; It's not even that it took a dump on older fans(which it did). Rather it's because it was such a missed opportunity.

      Allow me to explain.
      When it comes to works of fiction you can always look at it in two ways: As the product you have and as the product you could have based on the premise's potential.
      Take Batman for instance, the premise is solid, but you can get from it either "Batman and Robin" or "The Dark Knight" and anything in between and beyond. You need respect for the character and it's mythology, otherwise it's not Batman to begin with; Given that, all it takes is some creativity, boldness and skill to tap into the potential of what a character has to offer and hopefully create something great and perhaps even new.

      Reading the New 52, it was clear there was not only a complete lack of respect for the characters and properties(not to mention readers), those being whored out to whatever gimmick DC would think to draw attention and make a buck in short-term, but also it was apparent that so-called "creators" working on the books often knew nothing about the characters they were supposed to be working on.
      I cited WW in the post above because i think she's the perfect example of this and probably the character most harmed by the reboot. It's not that i was particularly fond of her book before, in fact i'd say it was never great and WW herself was the definition of untapped potential; But that's just the thing, all the elements for greatness were there, just waiting to be explored by a proper writer. In fact, looking at the premise, i'd argue WW could be better than both Batman or Superman. But the reboot completely ditched what could have been one of the most original, unique and complex characters to replace it with the most trite, generic crap that defines the term "lowest common denominator". In this case it's not even that the new book is terrible all by itself, although it certainly isn't good. It's that it's grossly disrespectful to who and what the character was and it utterly and completely misses the point of everything she was about. I mean, if you're gonna do that, why not just create an original character?

      I didn't get into the New 52 ready to hate it. Quite the opposite, i gave it every chance and was even eager to check it out. But most of it was between bad and atrocious and what little else managed to stand above the rest was mediocre at best. That's the point! Not only is there nothing really new in the "New" 52, but all that was changed was changed for the worse.
      I love comics as a medium and i(used to) have great appreciation for DC. My complaints are not meant as an attack, so much as i want DC to be good again and maybe live up a little more to it's potential.
      The single worst thing fans can do is to just accept whatever a company simply slaps a brand to. Either we tell it like it is or we are likely to keep getting crap.

      Sorry for the prolix posting and forgive me if i happen to come across unintelligible; English is like my fifth language and i have no formal training in it. I hope at least this was mildly insightful in some way.