Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #27

So it seems the Green Goblin and his Goblin army have laid siege to New York and Ock-Spidey just can't figure out why his spider-bots can't detect any of them. He finally realizes how they have tampered with them and traces them down to the secret lair where the Goblin reveals that he knows Ock-Spidey is indeed Otto. However it was just a energy construct of Ock-Spidey using the Stunner tech so the Goblin's plans to trap him didn't work. So the Goblin send crew to attack Spider-Island. Meanwhile everyone seems to think that Spidey is in cahoots with the Goblin, and Peter Parker continues to gain strength in the back of Ock-Spidey's head.

This was a solid issue, I especially liked the back and forth between Ock-Spidey and Norman (assuming of course it really is Norman behind the mask), I always wondered what the two thought of each other. It's kinda odd that they've had so little interaction given that they are Spidey's two greatest foes of all time. The Ock-Spidey saga continues to be one of the best Spidey stories in years, and I can't wait to see how it all wraps up in the coming months.

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