Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-man #28 and Tomb Raider #1

So in this issue the Goblins take Spider-Island while Ock-Spidey retreats leaving his men to die, the now mutated and Goblinized Carlie Cooper catches up with Ock-Spidey and demands he helps cure her mutation, Mayor Jameson unleashes an army of re-purposed Spider Slayers to go after the Goblins, and Mary Jane reminds me why I missed her as she proceeds to kick the ass of some Goblin henchmen who came after her using one of Peter's web shooters she kept and then takes initiative to get Aunt May and her husband to safety knowing that the Goblins would be targeting Peter's loved ones.

A lot going on in this issue and I didn't even cover all of it, things are really coming to a head in a big way. This is proving to be a fantastic ending to the Ock-Spidey saga. Oh and damn I miss MJ. If you haven't been reading this series I would say go grab the first trade start getting caught up because this is the first time Spidey has been really good since that One More Day abomination.
So following the events of the recent Tomb Raider game Lara is suffering PTSD and then she meets up with some guy know what, fuck it, I'm not doing a plot synopsis. I've said before that the original Tomb Raider is one of my favorite video games ever. I loved the character of Lara Croft, I loved the games, and I loved the old Top Cow comic. But they took Tomb Raider, which was a fun, exciting, and sexy adventure series and turned it into the grim, gritty, angsty thing it is now like every other joyless soulless brown and grey thing being farted out by the video game industry. Video games are suffering from exactly what happened to comics in the later 80's, they've got a decent amount of mainstream acceptance so they want to prove how "mature" they are by making every thing dark and serious, even if it definitely shouldn't be, and even if 90% of the games out there don't have nearly as much to say about anything as the creators with delusions of artistic grandeur seem to think.

I guess if you loved Uncharted: Chick Edition, I mean the new Tomb Raider, then this comic is for you, but if like me you preferred the Tomb Raider franchise back before she started dressing in black and cutting herself then go dig the original Tomb Raider #1 comic from a back issue bin.

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