Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why Geek Culture matters, and we can't let the social justice crowd ruin it.

I've talked on here before about how social justice crusaders are hijacking and ruining geek culture. But some people have asked me why that really matters. Certainly there's more important fronts to fight hardcore leftiods than trivial pop culture. I've even seen some in the manoshpere claim that geek culture is a waste of time and even toxic and you might as well let the privilege checkers take it.
So first of all is geek culture inherently toxic? Well certainly things like video games can give men a false a sense of agency, or purpose, and can overtake a person's life. Most of us geeks have probably known at least someone who, at least for a while, had fallen so far down the World of Warcraft rabbit hole that we wondered if they would ever see natural light again. And certainly there are people who let being a fan of this or that become the end all and be all of their identity. But if you're going to blame geek culture for the fact that some people get consumed by it than I guess you have to blame alcohol for the fact that some people are drunkards. We need to blame the one who abuses, not the thing being abused.

But why does geek culture matter? Isn't geek culture just full of all those weirdos? Well yes, and it's those weirdos who pull civilization up. I'm reminded of what Aaron Clarey said on his blog, "ADD/ADHD/Aspergers can pay for the US Debt". Because what we need, what we always need, is that special blend of creativity and intelligence that the geeks of the world have.

But it's not just technology, geek culture is ultimately the imagination of the culture. And art, movies, literature, these things matter. Sure technology helps us survive, but art is one of those things we survive for. Don't you want there to be good TV shows on, good video games to play, good books to read? Do you want to play games like Depression Quest and Gone Home? Of course you don't, nobody does. But those are the games these social justice crusaders will produce. And those things will shape the minds and the imaginations of the smart kids out there. Will they be encouraged to do the things that build up civilization, or wallow in victimhood and privilege checking?

Geek culture matters, because whoever molds geek culture molds a culture's imagination. And it's well past time we started getting a little red pill perspective into geekdom.

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