Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How should studios respond to actresses getting pregnant?

So you may have heard the news that actress Scarlett Johansson is pregnant, the question everyone is asking is how this will effect the second Avengers movie with it filming as of now. My question though is why do studios tolerate this?

Think about it, how often have you heard about production on a movie delayed due to this sort of thing? And it's even more common in TV, many a show has had to work around an actress' pregnancy, fequently to the detriment to the show's quality. So why do studios not put their foot down? I can already hear some of you "Well it's her body...she can have kids when she wants...it's not the studio's business...blah blah blah." But it is the studio's business. As I said, it really throws a wrench in ongoing projects like a film series or TV show. These actors are required to stay in shape for these sorts of rolls, so why not have a clause in a contract telling an actress she may not get pregnant? I mean, regardless of what some irresponsible single moms out there like to say, pregnancy is one of the easiest things to avoid, we do live in a country which, despite the best efforts of the Churchianity crowd, has any and every form of birth control easily accessible. So why not make them sign it and penalize them should they breach the contract?

Well, that question is somewhat rhetorical, I know exactly why you won't see studios enforce such a standard, despite the fact that it would be beneficial both to the studios and the audience, there would be a nasty nasty uproar. Like the issue of pornography, this would see another alliance formed between the Churchians on the right and the feminists on the left. Churchianity has a deep disdain for even non abortive birth control of any kind, mostly because they have an absolute obsession with breeding. It's ironically very Darwinian from the crowd that embraces the likes of Ken Ham. Feminists simply oppose any accountability for women, so they would obviously oppose such a standard.

So yet again we have an area in life where the feminists and the Churchians walk hand in hand to make sure women are never held to account, even when their choices harm or outright derail multimillion dollar projects.

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  1. "Churchianity has a deep disdain for even non abortive birth control of any kind"

    They do have a point however of such devices making immoral behaviour easier. By removing the disincentive to promiscuity which is pregnancy. I agree with every other point you have made however.