Thursday, March 20, 2014

I guess the video game industry owes Jack Thompson an apology.

The Game Developer's Choice Awards has given Anita Sarkeesian an Ambassador Award. Let that sink in for a moment. An Ambassador Award is meant to be given to someone who isn't a developer but has still fought for the gaming industry and community's interest in the general world. Someone who helps video games "advance to a better place". So in other words, the exact opposite of what Anita has done. And on the off chance that anyone at the GDC who was involved in giving Anita that award happens to read this, shame on you. Just fucking shame on you.

But in this disgraceful mess I can't help but be reminded of Jack Thompson. Remember him? He was a right wing Churchian activist who went on a crusade against the gaming industry. Back then the gaming industry responded as one would expect, treating this guy like the hypocritical moralizing busybody he was. But then came Anita Sarkeesian, a lying moralizing leftist busybody, and many industry professionals just can't seem to kiss her ass and make excuses for her lies enough. Even Mr. "stand up for gamers, fight the power" Angry Joe went all white knight for her.

So we have two moralizing busybodies who tried to bully the video game industry into bowing down to their respective social agendas. One got stood up to, the other got an award. That hardly seems fair now does it? So I guess the video game industry owes Jack Thompson an Ambassador Award and an apology. 

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