Sunday, March 16, 2014

My 10 favorite TV characters.

I don't think I need any fancy introduction here, this is pretty self explanatory. As with all lists this isn't meant to be any sort of definitive "best" list, just my 10 favorites. And I have decided to limit myself to only one per show, otherwise half the list might be from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

10) Trevor Hale AKA Cupid (Cupid). Right about now I might have lost some of you. Very few remember this short lived show. I did a review of it a while back, the premise was that this guy claimed he was the Greek God Cupic who had been punished by Zeus had been banished to Earth and stripped of his powers until he can set up 100 couples in true love. He ended up in a nut house due to these claims and ended up released under the supervision of his doctor/potential love interest under the name Trevor Hale, a name he apparently made up to get out of the looney bin. The show only ran for a year back in 1998 before it's untimely cancellation but I still remember it very fondly. Maybe my opinion is colored by how I think this show never got a fair shake, but I loved Jeremy Piven's portrayal of this character. The show was never explicit as to whether this guy was who he said he was or just a lunatic, albeit a charming and brilliant one. This character was something of a Rorschach test, you could see him either way depending on what you wished to see and that really stuck with me as something kinda unique for a network show.
9) Jack McCoy (Law and Order). Good old Hang 'Em High McCoy. This character really made this show for me, he was a perfect balance of ruthless and fair. He never wanted to convict the wrong man, but if he felt you were guilty he was going to nail your balls to the wall. Jack McCoy's speeches and maneuvers are some of the best court room drama you'll ever find on TV.
8) Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory). There is something about a character who's genius borders on mental disorder I've always loved. The Big Bang Theory certainly has its flaws and its low moments. I think the show has really slipped this past year, and season one was terrible, in fact I find the pilot virtually unwatchable, but it's hard not to love Sheldon.
7) Dr. Perry Cox (Scrubs). Because sometimes the biggest asshole actually cares the most. Sure, Dr. Cox was hilarious when he went off on rants, particularly when he would tell that pussy J.D. things like "I'm gonna write you a prescription for two testicles, you go ahead and get that filled at your leisure.", but in many ways when it really counted, nobody cared more and was more reliable than Cox. Even with J.D. it seemed clear to me that, even though Cox would never admit it, he was only so hard on him for his own good.
6) Moria Queen (Arrow). What's that you say, you're not watching Arrow? Well tell me, how does it feel to be so wrong? I could probably put 3 or 4 characters from Arrow on here, but like I said, one per show, and Oliver Queen's mom Moria is the most complex, the most surprising character on that show. She has lied and manipulated everyone around her, but I never got an impression she was an evil woman, but rather her dealing with show villain Malcolm Merlyn seem to truly be something that just got out of hand with her. She never ceases to surprise me both with how loving and how ice cold she can be.
5) Batman (Batman: The Animated Series/Justice League/Justice League Unlimited). To me, this is the single most definitive version of the Caped Crusader to have ever seen the big screen, the small screen, or even the comics. This version was cold, capable, and dark, while still retaining some of his humanity and even a sense of humor. So many takes on Batman go too far into the darkness that Batman just becomes a douche bag. To this day when I read a Batman comic I hear voice actor Kevin Conroy's voice.
4) Al Bundy (Married with Children). Al Bundy was manosphere, reactionary, and red pill before it was cool. Go on Youtube sometime and check out some of the characters famous rants, especially against feminists and fat chicks and you'll see what I mean. There was something about this Willie Lowman type lower middle class loser that was always so endearing. They say that during Ed O'Neill's audition for the character he stopped right before he got to the front door of the house, hung his head, and sighed. That wasn't in the script, he added that and that's when the show's creators knew they had their man.
3) Dr. Gregory House (House). Speaking of genius that borders on insanity. There really isn't much to say about this character that hasn't already been said, this is one of the most critically acclaimed performances of the last 20 years. It's a shame the last season and a half or so of this show turned out to be such a train wreck. This character deserved a better send off.
2) Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Like I said, if I didn't limit myself to one per show I could fill half the list with characters from this show. I could go on and on talking about Picard, but I'll put it simply. Why is Picard awesome? Because...THERE....ARE...FOUR...LIGHTS!
1) Robert Goren (Law and Order: Criminal Intent) Vincent Philip D'Onofrio is probably one of the single best character actors out there right now, and this was one of his finest roles. This character was imposing, awkward, unpredictable, and intense, but also absolutely brilliant. So often he came so close to going over the edge mentally, but his partner Alexandra Eames always kept him anchored. I chose to believe he eventually started tappin Eames. Seems like a fitting end for the character. They ought to use him in future Law and Order series as an internal affairs guy now and then. That would seem a good fit for him. If you haven't watched this show you really should. It's only shown in rerun on like 40 different channels.

So there you have it, my 10 favorite TV characters. Disagree? Well then, go make your own damn list.

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