Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #29

Goblin Nation continues, this time with two Spider-men for the price of one. The Goblin army continues to terrorize New York, with the Avengers responding, meanwhile Ock-Spidey tries to undo the Goblin formula on Carlie with the help of his business partner Sajani, but of course he must bail on that when the Green Goblin contacts him on his com and calls him out by bombing several places near and dear to old Ock-Spidey like the house Otto grew up. The Goblin lures Ock-Spidey to Empire State University where he has Don Lamaze hostage. Goblin then takes control of the mechanical arms in Ock-Spidey's suit, and Lamaze actually saves Ock-Spidey from the flailing arms at the cost of his life. Then some of Mayor Jameson's Spider-Slayers show up and attack Ock-Spidey since Jameson is convinced he's in league with the Goblins. And wouldn't ya know it, that's when Spider-man 2099, who's been stuck in the present day for a while now, shows up to help. But before he's willing to help he demands to know what the hell is up with him and why he's so different. And then Norman Osborn hacks into the Spider-Slayers and takes them over.

Forgive the rather hectic plot synopsis but this was a rather hectic issue, with not so much a main plot to it as several little intertwined sub plots, but that's to be expected with the middle issue of a story arch intended to wrap up something as big as the Superior saga. And I didn't even cover everything here. The back and forth between Norman (assuming it is indeed Norman, that's still not 100% clear either way) and Ock was great, I really like how Norman admitted he was pissed that Ock had killed Spidey and not him. It was good to see Spider-man 2099 used as well, I mean what was the point of having him stuck in the present day if they weren't going to use him. The artwork is solid and enjoyable as well. I'm loving where Goblin Nation is going so far and I can't wait to see how Superior wraps up.

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