Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #30

Goblin Nation rolls on. Last issue Ock-Spidey and Spider-man 2099 (who has been stranded in the present day for a while now) were fighting some of the Jameson's robots that the Green Goblin had taken over, this issue the Goblin tells Ock-Spidey through one of the robots that he has his midget girlfriend Anna Maria hostage and will only tell her where she is if he abandons the time displaced Spider-man to a fight he can't win, which Ock-Spidey promptly does.
 Also as we cut through various people dealing with Goblin uprising, we see Liz Allen, former daughter in law of Norman Osborn in possession of a Green Goblin mask. So is she truly behind the mask, as many on message boards have speculated, or is this just a red herring and she is only in league with them? Anyways when Ock-Spidey goes to where is girlfriend is supposed to be, he finds it's just one of the various children he has saved in recent months. She's suspended before a subway train and Ock-Spidey hesitates to save her, fearing he might die leaving no one to rescue Anna Maria. It's at that moment when Peter Parker, who has been hiding in the back of Ock-Spidey's brain, takes control and saves her, which exposes his presence to Ock. Ock and Peter then have a heart to heart where Ock admits he has failed, and for the good of the city and his love Anna Maria, he goes to Parker industries and uses the machine to erase himself from their brain, allowing Peter, who Ock now admits is the true Superior, to save the city and Anna where he can't.

This issue was fantastic. With comic books being what they are, for better or worse I realize Otto will eventually be back somehow. But if by some remote chance Marvel were to actually leave this death be, I could think of no greater ending for Otto Octavius' story than this issue. This was downright powerful stuff in this issue. It will be interesting to see just how Peter cleans up Otto's mess next issue. And before I wrap it up, there was a scene where the Avengers were fighting along side Cardiac near his underground clinic I just have to comment on.
You sir, Mr. Stark, are a fucking toolbag. First of all, now is not the time to even be thinking about that, second of all Cardiac was giving people shots at cures, no one was being forced to partake in these experiments. Sorry if he didn't fill out the proper Obamacare forms you big brother douche. I'm starting to think Ock-Spidey was right, the Avengers are a bunch of tools.

So with that said, this was one of the best Spider-man issues I've read in years. I give it five out of five erased super villain consciousnesses.

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