Monday, March 24, 2014

What hope is there for a kingdom, when even the jester can't be honest? (Or how the social justice crowd is killing comedy)

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog post is starting it. When you have a bunch of things to say where exactly do you begin. I think I'll start with a quote from Captain Capitalism.

"Humor, it is my humble belief, is proof of a high intellect.  Squirrels don't laugh.  Cows don't cut jokes.  But humans do.  It is humor that not only makes humans human, but is also the primary reason I believe there is a god and that humans are indeed special"

This was from a post in which he talked about how the leftists are deteriorating mentally, and one of the things he was pointing to was how more and more they lack any sort of sense of humor. I've been noticing this as well. These people, who I like to call the Left Wing Moral Majority, as they remind me of the joyless religious right jackasses who were prominent in the 80's, they have a complete inability to take any joke that doesn't attempt to reinforce their view or makes fun of any group that isn't Christian, white, and male.

A good example of this came from a video I watched months ago by Film Brain, I mentioned this a little bit in the one podcast I did with Aurini, so some of you might have heard this already, but Film Brain was reviewing I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. The premise of the movie was that two straight guys get fake gay married so one can get on the others health insurance. Over and over Film Brain just whined and bitched that the movie was homophobic. Now mind you, I'm by no means saying this was a good movie. Like most Adam Sandler movies and all Kevin James movies, it's a coat hanger abortion, but the problem with it isn't that it made gay jokes, the problem is that those jokes just weren't funny. But had those jokes been hilarious, I get the feeling Film Brain and others like him would still be calling it hate speech or some crap.

Now I don't want to single Film Brain out, it's just an example that illustrates the point. Over and over again you see these social justice warriors attack and try to shackle comedy to their agenda. Internet Aristocrat did a some great videos on the subject. These people are every bit as joyless and humorless as the most dour religious right member, only they have a great deal more power than those guys ever did in my lifetime. I've said we need to defend geek culture from them, and we do, but humor is even more important. Humor is the last place you can truly speak your mind. The jester can say things to the King no one else would dare. So what hope is there for freedom of expression where even the jester fears to speak his mind? Humor is important, far far too important to let these moralizing leftist bullies kill it.

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