Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh those evil older men and those poor sweet innocent young women.

It's that time of year again, Spring Break! Although that feels odd to say as it's currently snowing outside as I write this, what the hell nature? Anyways, Mr John Stonestreet over at Breakpoint has news of an alarming new trend regarding Spring Break, apparently it's not just college students heading to Spring Break, but "predatory older single men" also follow along hoping to score some fresh young tail. I'm a little confused as to how exactly they're "predatory". Are they raping these girls? Because that would be terrible and somebody should alert the authorities. Surely Mr. Stonestreet wouldn't just throw words like "predatory" around to men engaging in consensual sex with adult women right? I mean, that would be idiotic misandric nonsense akin to something you would hear from a radical feminist. And surely a conservative God fearing man like Mr. Stonestreet wouldn't be known to find himself on the same side of things as, say, a Marxist feminist like Gail Dines for example, right? Right?!

OK, so even though these girls know exactly what they're doing, are completely willing, and more often than not simply using these guys for their money and status just as they use the girls for sex, the guys are evil "predators"? So, I guess the girls are what, poor innocent little flowers here? And Churchianity wonders why young single men are the demographic they have the hardest time reaching.

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