Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review of the Week: Deadpool vs Carnage #1

I've talked before about how much I love Carnage, so you might think I was really looking forward to this mini. Well, I was actually kinda worried it would suck to be honest. But I guess before I get into any of that, I should do a plot synopsis first.

It's pretty simple really, Carnage is out killing people, as he tends to do, Deadpool hears a news story about it and how the cops can't track him as he pops up so randomly, Deadpool figures he should be able to figure out where Carnage is since they're both crazy and therefor on similar wavelengths, Deadpool does indeed find him, they fight, and then Carnage's girlfriend Shriek shows up to help him.

So why did I fear this might suck? Well, because I'm getting real sick of Deadpool. Not so much Deadpool himself, he's actually a pretty damn cool character, but the way he's been written. There's too much joking, too much stupid crap, and way too much 4th wall breaking. Half the time Deadpool feels more like an issue of one of Marvel's extremely unfunny comedy books like from the 90's. This however was damn good. Both Carange and Deadpool were written perfectly, the book had just the right amount of action and humor, and the humor was actually funny and not just the lazy "comedy" of Deadpool winking at the reader, and the fight between these two was fantastic. Frankly I really have no solid complaints here, I give it five murderous symbiotes out of five.

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