Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review of the Week: Mega Man #36

So last issue Mega Man, long with Dr. Light and some other friends traveled to South America to see if Ra Moon was truly destroyed as well as gather evidence regarding Dr. Wily's claim that Ra Moon was responsible for his going evil. This issue we see Wily on trial in which he claims that before his first Robot Master attack he was upset that he had been banned from working on robotics due to past crimes and that he wanted solve the mystery of the forbidden zone around Ra Moon he could win back public good will and that Ra Moon took control of him then. The court finds him innocent of the attacks but guilty of breaking the U.N. quarantine and sentences him to five years house arrest under the super vision of Dr. Light, and orders him to pay damages for the attacks. So Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are working on the latest project, Gamma, all the while Dr. Wily is of course plotting against everybody. He has his Robot Masters in a secret location and orders them to steal publicly from Dr. Light, all the while acting like they are still corrupted by Ra Moon and won't respond to his orders. Also as the cover says there is one of two alternate endings, I'm guessing depending on which cover you get. It's just a one page epilogue and the one I get has Wily's Robot Masters returning to the secret base with Break Man talking about his plans to take out Mega Man.

This was a pretty damn good issue and it's interesting to see Wily take advantage of the situation but it also serves to show what a damn fool Wily is. He has the perfect out, the perfect second chance, and yet he just can't wait to fuck it all up again. Granted he is showing some hesitation as he is genuinely touched by Dr. Light's forgiveness of him, but still, it won't stop him. Wily's pride will force him to squander this rare second chance. That's the thing about evil, ultimately evil is pathetic. Evil is taking the easy way. Evil is blaming others for your own faults. Evil is coming up with excuses as to why you don't need to do what's right because you're a special little snow flake who is above it all. And Dr. Wily demonstrates this perfectly.

My only real fault with this issue is that Dr. Wily is found "Innocent" instead of "Not Guilty". I realize this is the future and changes to the legal system could have happened, but there is a reason we use "Not Guilty" instead of "Innocent". Being found "Not Guilty" doesn't mean you were proven innocent, it just means you weren't proven guilty, the whole reasonable doubt thing and all. And blaming things on Ra Moon might be enough for reasonable doubt but not enough to prove Wily "Innocent". I realize some might see that as a nitpick, but the writing on this series has been by and large pretty smart so I expect better than that. Still this was a damn good issue to a damn good series and if you're not reading it you should be.

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