Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review of the Week: Original Sin #0

By now you probably know that the basis of this Original Sin mini is a murder mystery and the Watcher is victim. This prelude issue however serves as a character piece for the Watcher and new Nova Sam Alexander. Sam offers the Watcher the gift of a rock that was a chunk of the battlefield where the Avengers and X-men stopped the Phoenix Force. Apparently touched by the gift the Watcher shows Sam the history of his people and how his father so many eons ago had given a species vast technology only to see the species destroy itself with it. We also see that the Watcher observes parallel universes in hopes of finding one where his father hadn't made that mistake. The Watcher then tells Sam that his father is still alive.

This was a pretty damn good character study for the Watcher and even for the new Nova. Marvel has said this will be a more character driven event and so far this seems on track to be just that.  Strong start to this event and hopefully it will keep up the momentum.

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