Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-man #31, Deadpool vs Carnage #2, and Mega Man #35.

It's been one hell of a run folks. Last issue Doc Ock allowed Peter to regain control, erasing himself so Peter could save the day as Ock admitted he just couldn't. In this issue Peter deals with a lot of the fall out of Ock's actions on his way to deal with the Goblin and save Anna Maria. We come to find out the Goblin is indeed Norman Osborn but with a surgically altered face so as to assume new identities. Peter manages to defeat him but he gets away with the help of his daughter in law Liz Allen. Once Anna Maria is safe she asks if Peter is OK and Spidey realizes that the man she truly loved is dead, which of course bums old emo Peter Parker out.

Obviously there was more to this issue than that, a ton more in fact. I could probably spend a week going over it all but these Wednesday reviews aren't meant to be that in depth. I loved when Spidey confronts the Goblin, he of course assumes it's still Otto, but one well timed quip from the Webhead convinces him otherwise. This Ock-Spidey saga has been one of the best eras in the wall crawler's history and it had a fantastic conclusion.
If you haven't already check out my review for issue 1. In this issue Deadpool fights Carnage and Shriek for a while but they get away. Then Deadpool heads to a storage locker nearby where he keeps some weapons only to find he had missed payments and the contents had been auctioned off to a rather overweight fan of Deadpools. But this guy is about as crazy as Deadpool so he is actually rather useful at locating Carnage again. Our heroes (more or less) catch up with Carnage and it's time for round two.

This series is just fantastic so far. It made me literally laugh out loud a few times, but it doesn't use humor as a crutch the way many Deadpool books do. If you're not reading this you're crazier than the two stars.

Last issue Mega Man, Dr. Light and some friends went to South America to investigate Dr. Wily's claims about Ra Moon. This issue we find that Ra Moon is indeed dead as the crew gather evidence regarding Wily's claims he was just a puppet of Ra Moon. Meanwhile Break Man has a long talk with Quake Woman about how she can trust her "mother" Dr. LaLinde after she removed Quake Woman's personality, only to recant and later restore it.  Also we continue the Mega Man X back up origin story in which we learn about Sigma and his Maverick hunters.

This book is fantastic. Seeing Mega Man deal with all the conflicting emotions, fear as he approached Ra Moon's temple, happiness that Ra Moon was dead and even guilt that he felt happy over the death of another being, was just quality well written stuff. And the back and forth between Break Man and Quake Woman was downright touching. This is just a fantastic book filled with complex characters and if you're not reading it you're just wrong.

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