Sunday, April 20, 2014

Separating the Game Boys from the Men: Wario Blast featuring Bomberman

So here we have a Wario game guest starring Bomberman. That's kind of interesting, you don't often see Nintendo do crossovers like this outside of the Smash Bros. franchise. And Nintendo doesn't even own Bomberman, Hudson Soft does. So why would Hudson license out their flagship character to be a guest star in a Wario game? And even odder, the game play of this is pretty much identical to a classic Bomberman game. You either play as Bomberman or Wario and fight against the other. So why is this not Bomberman featuring Wario instead of the other way around?

As for the game itself the story is that Wario has discovered Bomberman's world and intends to loot it, thus providing the conflict between the two. And like I said, the game play is essentially just like any other classic style Bomberman game, so really not much to say on that.

If you have a Game Boy and you like Bomberman this is probably worth getting. It's fast paced and challenging, but I really don't think the game is anything all that special when you get down to it, it's just a decent time waster. I find the fact that it even exists to be far more interesting, I would love to hear what went on between these two companies that made this game happen. Makes me think of other video game crossovers I'd like to see happen. Sonic/Mega Man anyone? How about a Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter? A nerd can dream I suppose.

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