Monday, May 19, 2014

Captain Capitalism tried to kill me.

I went out to Vegas this weekend to hang out with with Matt Forney, Davis Aurini, and Aaron Clarey AKA Captain Capitalism. Well, that God damn lunatic Aaron decided on Sunday instead of enjoying all of the fun Vegas debauchery for another day we should all drive three fucking hours to do a death march up a mountain somewhere in deserts of Utah. You know what's a fun thing to do in Utah? Pack up and leave. I'm convinced that he didn't even want to do it until he found out I was coming. He figured he would show that out of shape nerd who's never been hiking before by going on a climb that is as strenuous and steep as you can get without needing climbing gear. That's the only explanation for why he would suggest this gauntlet of doom. I mean only a masochistic madman would consider that fun. But what was I to do? I didn't want to be the guy who pussed out and didn't go. So, by the grace of God, I hauled my ass up and down that damn mountain. I was dead last in the group, but I didn't quit, and somehow didn't fall off. Mr. Clarey thinks he's damn funny with that little stunt, but mark my words, the Bechtloff shall have his revenge, as soon as I stop coughing up sand.

In all seriousness, as miserable as it was while I was climbing it, it was pretty damn awesome standing on the top of that peak. One of the things I love about these manoshpere guys is that they challenge me. I had a blast with Davis, Matt, and Aaron and I'm glad they had me along.


  1. That's you between those two skinhead looking guys? Figures the MRA douche bag who keeps attacking Nostalgia Chick is overweight.

    1. Good to see Lindsay's white knights still lurk on this blog. Call me whatever you want pal but while you were busy pulling your pud to one of Ms. Ellis' videos I was climbing a fucking mountain.