Sunday, May 25, 2014

How a female Dr. Who showed me the misogyny of the blue pill man.

About a month ago I was at a comic book convention as one of the vendors along side a couple of my closest friends. As is often the case at these sorts of things there were a lot of people cosplaying as various things. One in particular caught my eye, a young lady was cosplaying as a female Dr. Who. She was with her boyfriend who had stopped by our table to buy some comics, and she was, to put it mildly, rather eye catching. She was slim but shapely, she was dressed somewhat conservatively, tight skirt, the kind you would expect an office girl to wear, she had an undershirt on that would have left her shoulders exposed except for an unbuttoned over shirt over it and a bow tie around her otherwise bare neck. I don't know women's fashion so without knowing exact terms I hope that paints a picture. Her outfit was creative but still had a certain formal taste to it as well. She had long straight hair and was holding a small purse as well as a replica of that electronic wand thingie Dr. Who has, both of which she held in front of her in a very feminine way. Granted I admittedly don't know much about Dr. Who, nor do I wish to, but she seemed like exactly what one would imagine a female Dr. Who to look like. Now she was certainly a very pretty girl, but what really made her stand out to me was the remarkably feminine way she carried herself. Plus it helped that she had no visible trashy tattoos or piercings.

Eventually we hit a bit of a lull in customer volume and we were all sitting around talking and of course the conversation drifted towards some of the hot female cosplayers we had seen through out the day. My one friend, who mind you is a smart guy, very switched on in a lot of ways, but still oh so blue pill regarding women, was of course drawn towards the trashiest looking ones. All covered in ink and wearing their Daddy issues on their sleeves. When I mentioned how the female Dr. Who had caught my eye he literally sneered.

"I'm looking for a partner not a slave." he said.

I just rolled my eyes, shaking my head at how I once likely sounded just as idiotic in my blue pill days. But then this past week the whole incident occurred to me again and I mused on it a bit during the more monotonous parts of my day job. I'm sure my friend thought he was being oh so pro-woman with that dumb little comment, but the reality of it is in that moment he couldn't have been more of a misogynist.

Mind you, I almost hate to use that word, as it has been so stretched and tortured by feminists and other leftists. But he was being misogynist in a very true sense of the word as he was showing a contempt for femininity. The Dr. Who girl absolutely radiated femininity. Not even just femininity, but, at least superficially, seemed to radiate feminine virtue. She seemed to posses a self control and a dignity in how she carried herself. That stands out amongst your typical Western girl.

Much has been written about how the feminists and blue pill crowd are subtly and not so subtly misandric. And that is very very true. But in a subtle and very insidious way they are also misogynistic. They literally sneer at real feminine beauty. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this, but it was still rather shocking once it really dawned on me. And to hear it from the mouth of an otherwise brilliant man, well, it's more than a little depressing.

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  1. Interesting post.
    I've wondered about the whole tattoo craze myself.
    Being female I can safely say that it is degrading to females.
    While I hesitate to judge externals, one does wonder if the markings and piercings have been born out of some inner struggle since the creation of humans for women to somehow identify a personal sexual identity with worth.

    In that very struggle to substantiate an identity with worth, they easily prove lack of worthy identity, at least in the areas where they attempt to substantiate it.
    Just like a child stomping it's foot and crying, "I'm NOT tired and I don't want to go to bed . . ." is the Female engaging in tattooing, piercings, manly contests, etc . . . while attempting to prove something, in truth sets about proving the exact opposite.
    No, I'm not a Misogynist, I'm about each of us being created uniquely in the image of God, and therefore we must set about to embrace that calling, while being careful to not compartmentalize ourselves or others.
    so Hats off to the Mrs. Dr. WHO.