Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review of the Week: Fantastic Four Vol 5 #4

There really wasn't all that much out this week, so I picked this issue up on a whim. The story had The Fantastic Four, minus Human Torch who has lost his powers, along side the replacement FF team, battling the Wrecking Crew who are working for the Wizard. Honestly not all that note worthy except for the end, when they return to the Baxter Building they find SHIELD has barricaded it, removed the children of the Future Foundation into protective care, and is presenting Reed Richards with a laundry list of charges. Apparently in previous issues a bunch of monster had escaped from one of Reed's dimensional portals and they are holding him accountable. And I say it's about damn time.

Comics often run with the story line of super heroes being accused of being a menace. In most cases that's a load of crap, but with Reed, well they're kinda right. I've long thought Reed was a terrible person. He's the classic mad scientists who never stops to think of what he might unleash. The man literally has portals to dimensions full of monsters like three rooms down from where his kids sleep. These sorts of accusations of being a menace are nonsense against the Avengers, Spider-man, and even the X-men, but Reed, I kinda see SHIELD's point on this one.

Also I listed this as Volume 5, but I'm honestly not totally sure. Who they hell can keep up with all these new #1's?

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