Thursday, May 8, 2014

Separating the Game Boys from the Men: Kirby's Dream Land

I never really played Kirby as a kid, I knew of him sure, and I have vague memories of playing the NES game at a friends house, but that's about it. But since I started looking at Game Boy games I decided to dive into Kirby, playing a few of his games, and I gotta say, this is a pretty cool game series. Oddly enough Kirby started on the Game Boy and then went to the NES, sort of the opposite of many other Nintendo franchises around the time.

The story of the game is that Kirby lives in Dream Land and the evil King Dedede and his gang of monsters have stolen all of Dream Land's food and treasure and Kirby must get it back. King Dedede's name always makes me think of that Carlos Mencia catch phrase where he made the retard noise "de de de!". Anyways Kirby can suck up enemies, spit them back out, suck up air and puff up to fly, and spit a puff of air out when he's puffed up. He can't absorb enemies powers like he can in later games though.

This game suffers from a problem I like to call "First-game-itis" for lack of a better term. This seemed to be a pretty common problem for game series during the cartridge era. This isn't a bad game, it just clearly hasn't really gotten it's formula down yet. But this is pretty common, it seemed like these sorts of games had to work out some kinks after the first game. Super Mario 1 is a decent game, but it doesn't hold a candle to its predecessors Super Mario 3 or Mario World. Likewise Sonic 1 is a pretty solid game, but it's certainly no Sonic 2 or Sonic 3. I mean they hadn't even gotten Kirby's color settled in this game. If you've never played any of the Kirby games, I would say definitely give them a shot, but if you're going to play this one play it first, because it will only be a let down after playing some of the little puff ball's other games.

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