Monday, June 23, 2014

I fight for geek culture because Mega Man fought Godzilla

I found these the other night while surfing the net. They're by MegaRyan104 on DeviantArt. You should check his page out, he's got a lot of really creative and well drawn pieces on there. This guy wanted to see Mega Man fight Godzilla, and no doubt realizing how unlikely it was that IDW and Archie would make such a comic book happen, he went ahead and started making it himself. And they look fantastic. The penciling, inking, and coloring are all top notch and the fight is dynamic and conveys just the right sense of movement, energy, and emotion in each scene. This is absolutely professional quality. In fact it's considerably better than many successful artists, I'm looking at you in particular Liefeld. Mega Man fighting Godzilla is not something I likely would have thought of, but I'm glad he did because it is undeniable cool, and I look forward to seeing page three.

Now looking at those two pages got me thinking about something. You see, there is a reason I fight against the likes of Lindsay Ellis, Anita Scumskeesian, and the rest of the social justice left wing thought police who poison geek culture. And there is a reason I defend geek culture to some my fellow red pill K-types who see it as a pointless and degenerate waste of time. Geek culture is just so damn awesome and beautiful. There is this amazing, downright magical, creative energy flowing all through it. I don't dispute there is a degenerate side to it, but there is also so many wonderful things being made out there. Sure the current leadership of DC comics might be running nearly every character it owns into the dirt, but at the same time a guy named Yale Stewart is doing the web comic JL8, which takes all of DC's great characters and interprets them through the lens of a classic Calvin and Hobbes type comic strip. Sure 90% of what's on DeviantArt is garbage, but there are guys like MegaRyan104 or Trunks24 doing amazing amateur art that's equal to what the pros do. Sure your average comic con will have some of the fattest landwhales you've ever seen squeezed into some of the saddest attempts at costumes you've ever seen, but it will also have cosplayers who look so convincing you could swear you were on a movie set. Hell, half the time they can put the over designed costumes of super hero movies to shame.

Geek culture is an incredible community of enthusiastic, creative, and often times brilliant people that aren't afraid to have some damn fun in life, even if others think it's stupid or silly. Geek culture certainly has its flaws, but it's still precious and worth fighting for. Because it's art, and as Aurini pointed out recently, art is extremely valuable to the human soul. And as long as I can help it I'm not going to let soulless busybodies likes Scumskeesian snuff that flame of creativity and art out.

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