Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review of the Week: Deadpool vs Carnage #4, and Mega Man #38

If you haven't already check out my reviews for issues 1, 2, and 3 of this mini. In this issue Deadpool, now equipped with a symbiote as well as a symbiote bearing dog, have a final showdown with Carnage and Shriek. Carnage is going nuts over what Deadpool told him about there being no such thing as chaos and a higher power pulling his stings so he's bound and determined to prove he's truly free. After accidentally almost killing Shriek, Carnage does the most random thing he can, he gives up. He just waits for the authorities to take him away, all the while thinking that once he's proven he's no pawn he will go after Deadpool.

This was a great end to a fantastic series. The writer clearly gets both the title characters and did a good job of exploring Carnage's nihilistic chaos worshiping philosophy. So many writers have a hard time doing that with Carnage. Mostly because they're too busy trying to kill him off because they think he's stupid, when in reality, he's got more depth and character than any of the Venom's ever had. This series sets up a really great connection and rivalry between it's title characters and I hope it gets followed up on again in the future.
Well, it turns out Mega Man wasn't crushed last issue, just him helmet which came off for some reason. I gotta say I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping he was dead. I mean this is a time travel story so it's not like they couldn't have reversed it. But anyways in X's time the Wily crawler reactivates and goes berserk and Sigma calls in Zero and Vile to help take it down. Meanwhile in Mega Man's time they continue to fight the Wily crawler. Then we see Xander Payne, leader of the robot hating terrorist group who last issue had jumped in a time machine, bounding around seemingly at random through the time stream catching glimpses of evens, including events from the Sonic/Mega Man crossover, which is odd as that was all undone by the second Genesis wave in part 12 of that crossover. He finally arrives in X's time to see X, Vile, and Zero fighting Wily's robot which Xander seems to think it the "Robot Apacalypse".

Not much really happened in this issue. It felt like one of the typical filler issues you get when things are written for a trade paper back. Mind you, I wouldn't say it was bad, just a little weak. I kinda wish we would have killed Mega Man, it would have been interesting and like I said, easily reversable given the nature of this story. Also interesting that someone in the Mega Man universe now has some knowledge of the crossover with Sonic. I wonder if anything will come of that. All and all and OK issue to a fantastic series.

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