Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review of the Week: Thunderbolts Vol. 3 #27

I can't say I've been reading this series much. I like the line up and the concept of this covert super hero group lead by Red Hulk, but the terrible art of Steve Dillon early on kinda drove me away and I didn't follow it much longer after issue one. But just like last week, this was a slow week for my pull list so I figured I would give this book another shot.

This issue shows the team saving the Avengers from a secret assassination attempt on them without the Avengers even noticing. Once the team catches up with the asshole villain responsible the Punisher of course wants to kill him, but Red Hulk takes him prisoner because he could be useful. The Punisher has a hissy fit and quits. Later we see him in his safe house, and when he gets a beer from the fridge there is a bomb with a note that says "You don't quit us. You're fired", and then we see Punisher's place exploding.

This was actually a pretty good issue. It was a great jumping on point and was full of several solid character moments for the various members of the team. I'll be interested to know how Punisher survives this and what his counter strike will be. But I really don't get why Red Hulk would do that to him. So Punisher quit, big fucking deal. Get another teammate. Why start a fight with him when there is no need. I get that Red Hulk figured this would kill the Punisher, but it still seems pointless and stupid. All and all though this was a decent enough issue, and I would say if you're a fan of any of the characters in this book it's worth checking out.

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