Monday, June 16, 2014

Thank you Mr. Morris

The vast majority of teachers I had going through the public school system ranged anywhere from mediocre and forgettable to outright worthless sacks of excrement. But there were a few exceptions to that. One such exception was a teacher from my high school, Mr. Curt Morris.

Curt was a sharp, kind, engaging, and challenging man. After spending an after school detention arguing politics with him, I found myself stopping by his classroom after school on my own from time to time to verbally spar with him. He was a traditionally conservative Christian and I, at least at that point in my life, was a libertarian agnostic with slight objectionist leanings (whereas now I'm a libertarian Christian with slight reactionary leanings). I don't have much emotional attachment to my high school. I only remained friends with two people I knew back then and in fact cared so little for it even then that I never purchased year books or a stupid class ring. In fact I didn't even go to my graduation ceremony, I just picked up my diploma from the school office. But nonetheless Mr. Morris was an extremely positive influence on me in some of my very formative years. Which is why it absolutely broke my heart to learn today that this kind, witty, and Godly man is suffering a fate worse than death.

At the still young age of 50 Mr. Morris, and yes he will always be Mr. Morris in my mind, is suffering from advance Alzheimer's which he was diagnosed with at 46. This man I respected so much is now a shell of his former self, unable to recognize his own family, his own wife describing it as though everything that made him who he was was "falling down a black hole". I cannot think of a more horrifying fate in this world than that disease and if I was ever diagnosed with it I think I would find out what the end of my .45 tastes like.

I don't know if Curt Morris would remember me even if he wasn't suffering from this nightmare, how many kids had he dealt with over the years after all, but I remember him. I remember him fondly and well. He could have phoned it in like most of his colleges, he could have shooed me away when I wanted to debate some political issue with him, he could have just been another public school teacher. But he wasn't, he was much, much more. And I thank him for it.

Thank you Mr. Morris. It saddens me to no end that you're suffering this fate. My prayers are with you and your family.


  1. How sad.

    A most touching and fitting tribute, the Bechtloff. My prayers will join yours.

  2. UPDATE: It seems a fundraiser has been set up for Curt and him family, because heaven knows the medical bills could easily crush them. I would ask anyone who enjoys my podcasts or this blog to make a donation to it. Think of it as a small payment for whatever entertainment I've given you.