Friday, June 20, 2014

What the Redskins owner should do, but no doubt won't.

By now I'm sure you heard that Patent Office took away the trademark on the Redskins logo because it made the pussies of some social justice warriors hurt. This is of course a massive overreach of government power, an assault on free speech, and as Captain Capitalism pointed out is likely to have massive negative effect on the very nature of copyright law in this country.

But I think my readers are of high enough caliber of person to know all this already. I want to talk about what the owner of the Washington Redskins should do in response this. Two simple words friends; go Galt.

The owner of the Redskins should immediately fire every single employee, from the players on the team to the janitors, he should have the stadium knocked the fuck down, and then take his money of which I'm sure he has plenty, and get out of the country Snowden style and hide in Brazil like a Nazi war criminal. Then he should release a video online saying "If the government won't let me protect my brand then I guess I can't run my business anymore. Look how many jobs you just destroyed Uncle Sam."

All it would really take to rein this socialist bullshit would be a few major business owners deciding if the government won't play fair they will take their ball and go home. And if the owner of a major NFL team did it, now that would really get people's attention. After all, if people wake up to find "muh football team" has been destroyed by Big Brother's shenanigans, maybe, just maybe, they would really wake the hell up.

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