Thursday, July 24, 2014

50 Shades of Feminist Puritanism.

So the trailer for the 50 Shades of Grey movie is out. I actually read the book a while back. I wouldn't call it a good book, but I don't necessarily think it deserves quite the hatred it got from a lot of people. It had it's moments, and frankly succeeded in being exactly what it was supposed to be, a romance novel. I thought the Domination and submission elements in the book were explored in a rather competent and thoughtful way, and for full disclosure I have dabbled in the BDSM black arts more than a few times myself in the past, but the narrative was rather thin to say the least so I can't say I really liked the book.

What I found most interesting about the trailer wasn't anything in the trailer itself but rather the backlash from feminists, leftists, and other r-types. Kevin Fallon at The Daily Beast found the trailer "alarming" and at one point watching the trailer said to himself “Oh my god is he going to KILL HER!?”. That hipster feminist pseudo-geek Lindsay Ellis thought the male lead was creepy and that the trailer seemed like a horror movie to her. Seems like guys like Anonymous Conservative are right, these liberals really do have damaged amygdalas. I watched that trailer, and indeed like I said read the book it was based on, and I can tell you they're both rather tame really, no where near deserving this kind of "alarm". When did liberals become such prudes? I mean, for people who fight for the "right" of free birth control, they sure do seem to be easily freaked out by a little rough sex.

Two things really strike me about this reaction from leftist critics. First of all the blatant hypocrisy. Here we have a BDSM themed love story, and they call it "icky" and "creepy" because they can't fit such sexuality into their insane worldview, but if a homosexual themed romance movie hit, these same people would call anyone who was disgusted by that a bigot. The second thing that strikes me is just how much these feminists are sounding more and more like Churchianity religious right moral faggots. Be it on the issue of pornography or just entertainment in general these moralizing leftists bear a rather striking resemblance to their religious right counter parts. And I love to point this out, because I know both those groups loath the other. So it amuses me to no end to point out that they are really no different from each other. A moralizing busybody is a moralizing busybody, no matter how they spend their Sunday mornings.

I don't have any interest in seeing 50 Shades of Grey, but I suspect it will do well. And now that I know it will piss off feminists I flat out hope it does well, because I do so love drinking the sweet milk of their tears.


  1. The two groups do indeed hate each other, yet come together to hate / look down on men. Funny how that works...

  2. The problem is, these feminists probably condemn stuff like Fifty Shades in public, but whack off to it in private.