Thursday, July 3, 2014

David Finch's biggest mistake was apologizing.

I've always loved David Finch. Sure he looks like the guy from that movie Powder, but the dude can freaking draw that's for sure. He's probably one of the best pencilers out there right now. Recently he was interviewed about his upcoming work on Wonder Woman and he said this.
We want her to be a strong -- I don't want to say feminist, but a strong character. Beautiful, but strong.
Perfectly reasonable statement. Wonder Woman is not a feminist, at least not a modern feminist, because Wonder Woman doesn't hate men. Feminists hate men. In fact when you really look at it they also kinda hate women. I talked before about how the feminist mentality is contemptuous of femininity. Just look at the scorn someone like Taylor Swift gets from feminists for the mere crime of being a girl who is girly. Feminists are just filled to the brim with hate to the point where it practically oozes out of their faces.
Wonder Woman has traditionally been a champion of peace and love, so no, I don't imagine she would identify with such hateful monsters. Also, Wonder Woman is strong, not just physically but also of character and will. Feminists are not strong. They are cowards who hide behind block buttons.  

And let's not forget Wonder Woman's origin. She lived on an island of immortal man hating lesbians Amazons and broke away from that to reach out to the world of man. Wonder Woman doesn't share her sisters contempt for the opposite sex, indeed she loves and respects men. Essentially she lived on an island full of third wave feminists and rebelled against their bigotry. Seems like she would have far more in common with the gals at Honey Badger Radio than the likes of Anita Scumskeesian. 

On some level I suspect David Finch knew all this, and that's why he said what he said. But of course feminists lashed out at him, because that's what they do. And Mr. Finch made the worst possible move he could. He apologized

Oh David, you really should have stuck to your guns on this one. Not just because you were right, and you were right, but because this apology will not work. Just look at the reactions. They're still attacking him. The Tumblr crowd isn't satisfied with this and no amount of groveling will appease them. It's the nature of the modern feminist that they cannot be satisfied. Because they don't really have an end game. All they have is an endless series of complaints in a vain attempt to fill the black hole where their souls should be. 

David Finch made the biggest mistake you could possibly make with a feminist. He apologized. Never think you can give in with these people. Fighting back is the only shot you have because the feminist is either at your feet or at your throat.

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