Monday, July 14, 2014

Let me explain Nash Grier's HIV video to you leftists

For those of you who don't know, Nash Grier is a teenage boy who became famous for posting videos on Vine and making teenage girl's vaginas tingle. A while back he and his buddies posted a video where they talked about things they like in girls, all basic stuff like good hygiene, nice personality, cute looks, and they were attacked by feminists for it because feminists are insane. Internet Aristocrat did a great video on the subject you should check out. Well now he really pissed off the leftists with a video in which he watched the "public service" ad in which some gays guys say testing for HIV is not a gay thing and Grier screams "Yes it is! Fag!".

Now, all you leftists please walk with me on this journey and I'm going to explain how this video that so upset and offended you, well it's really your fault. let's look at this for a second. Grier is kinda right. No matter how much gays say otherwise, HIV is and always has been a primarily gay disease. Can straights get it? Of course. Should sexually active straights get tested? I suppose it couldn't hurt. Is HIV a real major concern for heterosexuals? Not really. And that's the cold hard truth. Now why did Grier make this point in such an abrasive way? Well leftists, first of all you demonstrated to Grier that you will attack him for simply stating his preference in romantic partners. Simply for the crime of stating what he personally finds attractive in a woman you sought to crucify the boy. Also, like many people, he's just sick of you lying to him. Well all know damn well that HIV is and will always be primarily a homosexual problem. Also, to all the gay men out there, you are bringing this sort of backlash on yourself. Be it Orson Scott Card or the Mozilla CEO, you repeatedly try to destroy the professional lives of people who disagree with you on things like gay marriage, despite the fact that you're winning that fight. You're sore winners, and there's nothing worse than that.

So given the fact that you leftists will viciously attack a boy for saying what he likes in a woman, given that the homosexual mafia tells the public at large ridiculous lies to our faces, and given that you punish those who disagree with you even when you're getting your way anyways, you can expect a whole lot more Nash Grier style backlash in the future, and probably far worse as time goes on.

So you can whine about how Nash Grier hurt your feelings all you want, but you brought in on yourselves.


  1. The only straights who get it are the ones who hang around with prostitutes too much, to my knowledge. While a great majority of HIV victims are male homosexuals.

    Sometimes, you just can't ignore what God is trying to say: it doesn't fit in there, Steve. It's like an electronics manufacturer telling an adult with the maturity of a four-year-old that sticking a 110 volt plug for an Xbox into a 220 volt power outlet would result in the Xbox exploding. And the adult just accuses the manufacturer of discrimination and slander instead of accepting the truth.